Vibra Measuring Device 90M0242

The VIBRA is a handy and portable wideband vibration meter consisting of a meter and a sensor. Its intended use includes preventative as well as active care and maintenance of rotating equipment.

It is indispensable for the maintenance and monitoring of air bearings, shafts and rotary atomizers.   

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Pic ViberJust a few simple steps allow you to easily check the condition of any rotating parts on the spot, and, depending upon the measurement results, decide whether to continue the operation or not.
The measurement readings deliver instant information about the vibration behavior and allow the tracing of vibrations and frequencies.
The VIBRA monitors the effective value of the vibration velocity in the 10 to 3200 Hz frequency range.These efforts are beyond the ISO requirements of ISO 10816 and VDI 2056 due to the fact that almost all modern machines operate in the high revolutions per minute area with a frequency of tooth engagement above the 1000 Hz level. And this is also the frequency level with the highest proportion of mechanical defects such as unbalance and misalignments of shafts, gears, cavitations etc. .

Save time and money and prevent damage before it occurs. Extend the useful life of your equipment and engines, and, not to be overlooked, the avoidance of job related injuries.