NASSLACKIEREN im JOT Journal für Oberflächentechnik  06/2007

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Paint Consumption and Low-Wear

 air caps made of high-grade steel in highest precision reduce considerably their varnish consumption at the automatic system paintwork, an optimized material flow channel obtained less washing-up liquid consumption. Much quite a long level times in comparison with conventional electroplated air caps.  


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Form air caps with or without "horns"  corresponds to our customer requirements for the area machine use just like for joint spraying pictures for edges and inside paintworks. Splashing beamwidths to approx. 340 mm or 480 mm are easily controlled and repeatable by the individual beam attitudes. The Seat with a fitting sleeve nut, with or without O ring insulation and torque key almost becomes always one more at once automatic system "guarantees" pistols for all common ones.     

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 New Automatik Gun

Exact positioning and fastening

 automatik guns manufactured with high-quality materials for all components of the pistol, the complete front is made of high-grade steel. Diamond coated becomes a material needle made of hardening cash high-grade steel after high gloss polish.


The fixing of the gun body on the adapter is carried out vertically without rotation with a centring ninepin.

About the complete life cycle of the pistol such an against fetching precision is obtained.




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Cover  JOT 06 2007

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The planning department painting technique at VW in Wolfsburg decided for all robot applications in all works in the area inside paintwork to use our new guns with form air caps instead of rotation sprayers.

In the VW plant at Emden one 19% lower varnish consumption was stated.

An amortization of the investment with relatively low retrofitting costs is carried out in shortest time, the savings stay with the varnish consumption permanently.

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