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Pic Gear Pump has set standards with further-developments to extend the life, the precision and the profitability of geared pumps.
All parts can receive an ADLC-coating and thus achieve a degree of hardness which reduces friction resistance. The resulting smooth surface reduces the adhesive properties of the product.
A uniquely designed case with spring-preload and shaft seal make any maintenance inside the system unnecessary. Significant improvements in rinsing qualities through the introduction of a separate rinsing channel could be achieved.

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Pic Plates

We are able to repair almost all gear pumps used inside paint systems. Any individual part can be either repaired or replaced, and they are compatible with all OEM products on the market, including robotic applications.

The items are further compatible with virtually all pump housings being rebuilt by us. We replace the widely used ceramic bushings with a connector with low friction resistance and hardness, and which is at the same time less susceptible to wear for improved and smooth running properties.

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Pic Bypass
Even after long time use, there are no traces of abrasion particles or shavings to be detected inside the pump, the main reason for causing pump damage in the past. 

 managed to design an appropriate bypass in such a way that it can be mounted or replaced without having to take apart the whole pump.  All valves can be individually and manually monitored and replaced again with no need to        take apart the whole pump.

As a result, the rinsing channels are shorter and without any hidden "pockets". 


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Pic Bypass with conn.