Rotating Bell / Atomizers 

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Please select from all available OEM products on the market in aluminum and titanium, as well as our own developments and developments in order of our costumers.

The outstanding properties of the bells have their origin in a sound knowledge and experience in both the manufacturing of new bells, as well as complete overhaul and repair work.   

The kind of thread and its construction, close to perfection in its manufacturing process and during any repair, is essential for a good fit of the atomizer on the actuator and thus a prerequisite for a smooth operation. Pic Serration

A thorough milling and grinding process brings the edges onto the bell atomizer while preventing a stressing of the material by excess pressure or manipulating the structure of the metal.

Exact tear-off edges at the bell atomizers, with or without knurled edges.

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The result is a significant enhancement of the surface structure during the paint spraying process.

This allows  optimal outflow velocity in higher rates for homogenous coat thickness.

It is the goal of  during any repair or overhaul of rotating bells, to achieve or even surpass the precision of any new OEM product.

During the repair process, the bell atomizers are balanced with the help of a vibration-tested reference shaft („zero shaft“), and finally calibrated for exactly 70,000 rpm thus adjusting the runout and vibration behavior across all measurement ranges. Be it new or your used rotating bells – we will achieve the results you desire, which in turn, represent the prerequisites for a long and smooth operating life during the production process.

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We simultaneously offer individual, replaceable diffuser discs (bell inserts) according to your specifications.

Select from new and overhauled separable items for easier cleaning and maintenance, while always experiencing our high level of quality.

Bells repaired by have proven their reliability in the industry across all areas of paint technology over the past three years.





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