Pic EWS Screw Kit have only added those parts on to our accessories assortment which have been added on to or developed over the course of time in order to meet every single requirement of our clients, as specialized as it may be.

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Our own screw assortment has the perfect fit thanks to using a tapered or conical head for all connections and tubes, and thus avoiding any blind spots with hidden particles.
Mixing blocks and valve blocks are made to order depending upon the client.

All paint and air tubes are available from stock. Our paint tube is clear and has a smooth and fine surface on the inside preventing adhesion of medium and paint particles while keeping its transparent look. This, in turn leads to a heightened quality for the 2K mixers and mixing elements.Pic Static Mixer

 standard program includes sealing sets and numerous high-quality O-rings for any possible purpose. 

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Special valve blocks with 2 K mixer in all variations.

Tool kits and tools for specialized use, arisen from the need for practical solutions for real-life problems further add to economic maintenance of the system and its components.Pic Bell Tool

Atomizer Demontage Tool

These tools facilitate the dismantling of the bells from the actuator without causing any damage to the bell or the actuator – This is saving your money!! 


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